Who Are We and Why Are We Headed for Shamrock?

We met online in 2005 trying to--what else--lose weight. We've had our ups and downs along the way, but we're not where we want to be. This is our journey to get fit and healthy. We invite you to follow us as we "exercise" our way across the country--track our progress on the map to Shamrock below-- in an effort to each lose 50 pounds by the end of 2009 and adopt a healthier lifestyle along the road.

Where will we go once we reach our goals? The sky's the limit... but we're thinking Greece would be nice.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A less than stellar start to the year.......

I just have too many things to do to catch up. My eating is gonna be bad until I get caught up I guess. Waffle overload this morning. ugh. I hate being at the mercy of a to do list. And I have a reception I really should go to tonight...I dont' know the couple well, but the bride is the sister of one of my best friends, and I feel like I should support this. But seeing as how my out-in-public wardrobe consists of one pair of jeans and a handful of shirts, I don't know what the heck I'm gonna wear. If I go.

I would love to have the whole day just to take a long walk and then work on a puzzle! At least we're trying to get all of our bikes cleaned up and in working condition so we can cart them all to my parents' house and ride around their neighborhood (we live in the country on a busy road). Don't know if that will happen today, but at least we'll get them ready.

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  1. The bikes are a great fist step. There's a huge difference between sitting around in your jammies eating snacks and being out and about and doing the best you can for that particular day. Don't stress about it... remember, stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

    I know how you feel about the clothes thing. When I get dressed to go to the movies last night all I could think about is "I want cute new clothes". I wore a pair of jeans that I bought when I went back to work after maternity leave. They were snug when I bought them and they fit fine now, but they're cheap and worn out. I don't want to buy any new ones until I can buy a different size. The story of my life. When we're done with all this and have a our awesome new bodies, we should nominate each other for What Not to Wear. Do you watch that? We'd have a good story to tell. They'll probably see us on Oprah and call our publicist to get us on their show. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what's gonna happen.