Who Are We and Why Are We Headed for Shamrock?

We met online in 2005 trying to--what else--lose weight. We've had our ups and downs along the way, but we're not where we want to be. This is our journey to get fit and healthy. We invite you to follow us as we "exercise" our way across the country--track our progress on the map to Shamrock below-- in an effort to each lose 50 pounds by the end of 2009 and adopt a healthier lifestyle along the road.

Where will we go once we reach our goals? The sky's the limit... but we're thinking Greece would be nice.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28: Daily Report

  • 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese
  • apple
  • SoyJoy bar
  • vegetarian chili
  • mixed greens, red bell peppers, 1 oz cheddar
  • SoyJoy bar (different, but not better, flavor)
  • 1"square dark chocolate
  • 1 cup cottage cheese
  • granola bar
  • tangerine
  • 3 liters
  • affirmative
  • 4 miles walking
Victories: No coffee!

Defeats: Not a great dinner.

Observations: I have the worse headache on earth. Not sure if it's due to lack of coffee or lack of dinner. I could eat more, but it's late now... the evening got away from me.

  • 1 c. Kashi 7 grain flakes with milk
  • 1 cinnamon raisin whole wheat english muffin with 1 tsp. butter
  • 6 oz. yogurt
  • Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken frozen entree
  • 2 100 calorie packs pretzels
  • cheddar cheese on toast
  • 4 large marshmallows
  • spinach salad: 2 c. spinach, 8 grape tomatoes, 4 oz. chicken, 2 Tbsp. lite dressing
  • 1 c. lite ice cream with 1 Tbsp. chocolate syrup
  • 70 oz.
  • none...again...but a good amount of housework
Calories/Fat/%: 1875/50/24%

Victories: Staying pretty close to the calorie/fat goal. Having a salad for dinner instead of what my family was having. Eating lite ice cream instead of full fat, full sugar.

Defeats: Exercise. Water. Not enough fruit and veg.

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